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Who we are?
We are first class service from Poland. We build web & mobile apps based on your ideas using React, React Native and Node.js. We are creating scalable digital applications.
React Poland is a web and mobile applications development software house located in Poland. The company was founded in 2014, and all our completed and ongoing projects use ReactJS or React-Native. No compromises here, React is our main focus.
What can we do for you?
React Web Development
We create modern Web applications according to our customers' expectations, which are not confined to your desktop and do not require downloading. A well tailored Web app will take your business to the next level, so it should be created with careful consideration to content and quality. Our team is experienced and passionate about both back-end and front-end development, and devoted to React JS.
React Mobile Development
Mobile applications built and designed with care are rewarding even for the most demanding customers' expectations. Thanks to React Native, our professional team can assure a positive and high quality outcome based on your vision and expectations for your mobile app.
How we work
Research, discussion, and the properly choosen technology based on our customer's expectations are all elements that we combine to draw out the best and most desirable product.
Defining is a process in which we decide what the exact outcome of our work will be, so that it is clear and understandable for both our customer and the teams involved with the project.
We match the branch, type, or dream appearance of the product with its practical aspects and create the most suitable and outstanding designs and user flow.
The development process is one of the last and most important parts of production. Our team crafts a product using a clear understanding of the customer's design and technology needs.
Our main strength is our developers and the skills they bring to the table. We make special effort to ensure they have the best tools and resources so they can help our clients achieve their goals. We focus on a single technology that makes us the best: React Development Company in Poland. We have been invited as speakers to various different events in Poland, such us ReactJS Warsaw. We have also had the pleasure to participant in global conferences such as React Europe. These have been great opportunities to network, brainstorm, and stay in touch with the best minds in the industry.
Since we're often working on the newest web technologies, it's often the case that it's missing a solid starter project to reduce the boilerplate. Instead of repeating the same tasks over and over, we've already created a couple of starter kits so we're able to quickly kick-off our work. We also wrote a book - Mastering Full Stack React Web Development. In it, we focus on creating a isomorphic web applications from scratch, using React.js with Redux state containers on the Frontend and Node.js + Express and MongoDb on the backend.
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Tomasz Dyl
Tomasz is a multitasking person with strong skills in developing mobile and web applications. Thanks to an extensive knowledge and creativity, he is capable of supervising projects and inventing new solutions. As a head of React Poland, he allows his team to keep a lot of independence with good effect for their job. In private, Tomasz has many different hobbies, starting from aviation, ending on playing the piano.
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