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Get matched with travel nursing jobs you love. Compare opportunities from multiple agencies and get paid what you deserve.
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Find jobs from multiple agencies and get paid what you deserve

On NurseFly, you are be able to see transparent pay for travel nursing jobs across the country, research cost of living and quality of life information for over 3000 cities, and can immediately get connected to a relevant recruiter who can help place you in the best travel nursing job!

Blockchain data security

We believe that blockchain will be an essential technology in developing secured applications. It has a huge potential to bring improvements into the digital world. Valuable aspect of blockchain technology is the complete decentralization thanks to which data are never stored in only one place. As soon as we discovered how suitable this technology is for the Experty app, we didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it.


Voice & Video call

The app lets you get and share knowledge on a global scale thanks to high quality voice calls. It saves time and makes knowledge transfer more efficient.


Built-in chat

You can send messages to anyone for free within the app thanks to the built-in experty chat. This feature helps to set up meetings, discuss the agenda in advance, and reschedule calls. It is up to you how to benefit the most out of this experty option.


Multiply secured payment options

The app allows you to cover the costs of the consultation via cryptocurrencies, which can be purchased within the app using a credit card. Blockchain technology, used to settle charges between conversation participants, adds a level of innovation to the app.


Personalized call rate

As an expert you can set your call rate - cost per minute of your consultation. You can set your price and change it whenever you want. As a knowledge seeker you are only charged for the time spend on the consultation, with no need to pay in advance.


We made sure that the site would display perfectly on every device and every resolution.